From A Princess To A Queen

Elizabeth-Richardson-November-2015I’ve been observing the natural progression that women go through as our lives transform through various stages. I love how wisdom shines in our eyes, experience shows on our faces and grace is reflected through our movement as we grow … yet that glistening girlish playfulness forever remains in our smiles. I particularly adore taking photos of women who’ve really lived life to the fullest. The privilege of capturing the essence of their character is priceless.

WHEN A WOMAN REALLY GROWS UP … she softens into more of her natural self. ~ ER

Here is a list of character traits women tend to develop as they transform.

  • SHE’S SELF ASSURED … Instead of demanding to get what she wants, she chooses to remain quietly confident that it will surely come, one way or another.
  • SHE LEADS WITH HER HEART … Instead of expecting her mate to always step up and lead, she remembers how amazing he really is at his core and playfully reminds him occasionally, of who she knows him to be.
  • SHE SHOWS THE WAY … Instead of openly declaring a right or wrong way of doing things, she lives life quietly as a demonstration of what she knows intrinsically, is simply best for her.
  • SHE FINDS HER OWN BALANCE … Instead of complicating conversations with emotional outbursts, she simplifies her communications with a powerfully wise silence, until clarity naturally prevails.
  • SHE ATTRACTS WHAT SHE DESIRES … Instead of having a list of criteria a man must live up to, she cultivates her own unique qualities and then attracts the behaviour she innately appreciates the most.
  • SHE SHINES FROM THE INSIDE OUT … Instead of forever trying to perfect her outer appearance, she concentrates most on brightening her own inner glow, drawing forth a much more intoxicating essence anyway.
  • SHE MAINTAINS HER DIGNITY … Instead of sacrificing her soul and having sex before she’s completely ready, she holds true to her desire for a whole relationship (with a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual connection) and doesn’t beat up on herself if a man finds the need to leave because he isn’t yet able to match her energy.
  • SHE USES HER WISDOM … Instead of being quick to judge, she takes as much time as she needs to get back into her “happy place” until she sees things in a whole different light.
  • SHE’S FLEXIBLE … Instead of keeping to strict guidelines, procedures and rules, she allows herself to go with the flow, she trusts her guidance to show the way and has faith in her ability to thrive even more as she lives fully in each moment.
  • SHE SEES BEAUTY IN HERSELF AND OTHERS … Instead of being critical of her imperfections (and consequently finding fault in others), she practices accentuating what’s uniquely beautiful and special and rare.
  • SHE LOVES WHO SHE IS … Instead of competing against other women by striving to display a particular body shape, a certain relationship status or a level of lifestyle, one day she wakes up and simply decides, she’s actually good enough and has always been good enough, just as she is.
  • SHE BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN OTHERS … Instead of rejecting others because of their inability to please her, she focuses on the aspects she likes most of all and draws out more of those instead.
  • SHE’S INFLUENTIAL … Instead of just seeking out those who are like-minded, she’s practiced her own positive vibe enough to be able to uplift the energy of almost anyone she meets.
  • SHE FINDS BENEFIT IN EVERYTHING … Instead of needing to “change the world”, change her mate or change a condition, she finds pleasure in discovering the benefit that diversity brings, to every situation.
  • SHE TAKES CARE OF HERSELF … Instead of getting resentful when she’s given more than enough, she uses it as an indication to take time-out to nurture her own physical, mental and emotional needs first.
  • SHE LIVES WITH GRACE … Instead of blaming her fluctuating mood on hormonal imbalance, she makes her spiritual connection a priority and easily settles back into a state of calmness, grace and peace.
  • SHE’S MAGNETIC … Instead of just looking to a partner to make her happy, she decides to find happiness where ever she is and easily draws others into the joy, the ease and the fun of it all.
  • SHE’S ATTRACTIVE … Instead of trying to prove to others that she deserves the best, she settles readily back into her body and prepares to vibrationally attract something way, way, way better.
  • SHE KNOWS HER OWN VALUE … Instead of waiting for a man to be strong and sure, she relaxes deep into her soft feminine nature which makes so many men clamor to serve, to innately rise up, to adore and to treasure her above any other.
  • SHE’S CONNECTED TO SPIRIT … Instead of trying to get others to approve, to agree with and to validate her opinions, she finds worthiness in a regular connection with her own divine being.
  • SHE LIGHTS UP THE WORLD … Instead of needing things to be different, she adapts to enliven her environment and gives birth to brilliant methods, playful pursuits and creative expressions that shine a light for all the world to see.

When a woman really grows up, transforming from an impetuous princess into a stately queen, she comes more into the fullness of her heartfelt feminine energy and accepts ALL aspects of her-self, the partners she’s had and the experiences she’s been through as a necessary, welcome and blessed part of the amazing creature she’s now becoming … and becoming and becoming … accepting that evolution is what makes the universe eternal and knowing that death and rebirth, are the most natural parts of life.

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