From Poverty Thinking to Prosperity Consciousness


I knew I had to make some changes if I wanted the quality of my life to improve.

My attitude needed some adjustment and the result were fantastic.

When bills came in and I didn’t know how I was going to pay them …

  • the tendency was to look for ways to get bigger discounts,
  • the tendency was to get involved in stupid conversations about the rising cost of living,
  • the tendency was to react with a sense of dread, to feel bad, to worry and reduce my ability to get creative,
  • the tendency was to criticise what OTHER people/governments/corporations were doing with their money too.

Then I developed a new tendency …

  • I decided that when bills came in instead of DOUBTING I could pay them, I just WONDERED what might happen.
  • I decided that when I paid for something I’d imagine, “there’s plenty more where that came from!”
  • I decided to give up the need to get discounts, to look for bargains, to shop in cheap stores.
  • I decided to remember how resourceful I really can be.
  • I decided to be more trusting of the power of the law of attraction, to naturally draw more good stuff to me.
  • I decided to do things that I loved, that felt good, that made ME feel special and prosperous and free.
  • I decided to stop listening to the crowd.
  • I decided to celebrate and keep even the smallest coins I found on the street.
  • I decided to allow ideas, opportunities and creativity to flow.

Then I watched my world shift to match my new decisions …

  • I spent so much less money because I was filling myself up with happiness, not with objects,
  • People started giving me money or helped me out for no reason, other than it felt good,
  • Incredible, ridiculously priced bargains for things I’d often dreamed of, showed up seemingly out of the blue,
  • I wasn’t charged for electricity for 12 months because of a mistake the power company made,
  • Clients even to this day put money in my account without me even billing them,
  • Cash appears on the ground in front of me, in shopping centers, on the footpath, in the mail, in clothes or bags I haven’t used for some time,
  • My passive income increased out of sight,
  • Ideas for exciting future projects started to flow,
  • I was inspired to write like never before, in the middle of the night, in the middle of a date (that was funny), in the middle of conversations. Words flowed with a clarity that often surprised even me.
  • When I see something I want, I just let myself want it – PERIOD, and the ways and means are always provided.

HAVING A RICH LIFE WASN’T SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED BECAUSE I WORKED HARD … (though when I’m inspired I can work effortlessly and joyfully for 22 hours straight and still want to do more), it didn’t happen because I got lucky (though I feel phenomenally blessed), it didn’t happen because I made the right investments (though the most incredible opportunities just keep finding me) and it didn’t happen because I followed some internet marketing scheme or master finance plan (my plan is to have fun, to be happy and to trust I’m being guided every step of the way).

PROSPERITY IS AN INNER JOURNEY FIRST … When I gently trained my mind to recall more abundance stories, when I started choosing to get involved in conversations about how wonderful life can be and when I STOPPED COMPARING MYSELF to others, life slowly started to feel better … and everything else is history.

It means I have the ability to pay them.

It means that prosperity is flowing in and out, in and out, in and out, like the air that I breathe. ~ ER



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