Gentle Goal Setting That Works So Much Easier

Elizabeth-Richardson-making-gentle-changesMost people set goals in an attempt to overcome a problem (like quitting smoking, losing weight, leaving a relationship, giving up alcohol etc) but the results are short lived – NOT because they are weak, short sighted or failures – but simply because the way they worded their goal kept REACTIVATING the negative energy of the problem (often making it worse than before), instead of GIVING POSITIVE POWER TO THE SOLUTION.

For many years now, I’ve been using a much easier process to achieve results, by lightening up, making it more fun and setting myself up for guaranteed success.

I stopped “struggling” with my weight by trying diet and exercise, and transformed my body by changing my attitude entirely.

I no longer talk about the things I want to overcome – I talk about what I’d love to do more of.
I no longer focus on my weaknesses – I prefer to elevate my strengths.
I no longer discuss the issue with others – I revel in the joy of discovering my own unique solutions.
I no longer concentrate on fixing the aspects I don’t like – I find things to love and celebrate those instead.

No long term change has ever been achieved with harsh discipline, dis-empowerment, guilt or criticism – so stop doing that to yourself. ~ ER

Things I’d Like To Do More Often, For Me!

I’d like to go out more.
I’d like to laugh more.
I’d like to dance more.
I’d like to hug more.
I’d like to trust more.
I’d like to kiss more.
I’d like to fall in love more.
I’d like to go to beautiful places more.
I’d like to visit the country more.
I’d like to drive off into the sunset more.
I’d like to notice the magnificence of nature more.
I’d like to be with people more.
I’d like to praise myself more.
I’d like to feel my guidance more.
I’d like to sing better.
I’d like to walk better.
I’d like to dress better.
I’d like to speak better.
I’d like to carry myself better.
I’d like to treat myself better.
I’d like to be funnier.
I’d like to be happier.
I’d like to be sillier … MUCH sillier …

So now when opportunities arise, instead of always taking action out of sheer habit, I remember the items on my list and choose more of those instead. Struggle turns to ease, forcing turns to choosing, hard work turns into fun times and disappointment transforms effortlessly, into joyful creating.

What would YOU like to do more often?

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