How I’m Guaranteed Instant Success

Elizabeth-Richardson-successONE OF THE KEYS TO SUCCESS … is to keep choosing the same thing!

I start with something general like, love, laughter, fun, freedom, peace, passion. I choose it again and again and again … then allow it to evolve naturally. It makes no difference if I’m working or playing, I DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO FEEL GOOD RIGHT NOW! And I keep choosing it again and again and again.

I won’t start work until I feel good, I won’t get into a long conversation until I feel good, I won’t attend a meeting until I feel good, I won’t make a phone call until I feel good, I won’t even TAKE a phone call until I feel good. The quality of every interaction I have throughout my day is guaranteed to be a success because I already feel good before I’ve begun. I don’t leave anything to chance.

MOST PEOPLE WAIT UNTIL SOMETHING GOOD HAPPENS … before they remember the phenomenal benefits of connecting to the “life force” that moves our energy naturally in a positive direction, but conscious creators “intend” to deepen their connection by deliberately focusing on any subject that makes them feel better than where they currently are.

ANY TIME YOU FEEL POSITIVE EMOTION … (happy, blissful, content, passionate, energised, loving etc), you are naturally aligned with your divine nature. Problems are solved quickly, the right words come easily, creativity is maximised, questions are answered clearly, confusion is replaced with clarity, disease is softened, peace is found, relief is instant, work is done effortlessly, passion bursts forth from within, inspiration is received, love is felt purely and life-force is infused throughout your entire body!

My goal is to feel as Good as I can in each moment just by CHOOSING IT again and again and again, and then let the universe show me where I meant to go all along … and it always turns out better than I’d imagined. I’M NEVER ALONE. The source of life is always there to connect to. ~ ER

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