I Changed My Attitude Really Easily

I-ChangedSimple ways I made changes to my attitude on topics like business, relationships, friendship, mission, commitment, money, credibility, being successful, attractive, loved and being a good parent.

Once I knew these things, there was no going back …

… just forward, to the life of my dreams!

BUSINESS WAS … how can I generate the most income?
BUSINESS IS … how can I have the most fun?

A RELATIONSHIP WAS … how can I get my needs met?
A RELATIONSHIP IS … how can I BE, more of me?

FRIENDSHIP WAS … it’s all about who I’m with!
FRIENDSHIP IS … it’s so much more about “who I’M BEING” no matter who I’m with!

A COMMITMENT WAS … a vow I needed from another so I could feel safe.
A COMMITMENT IS … a vow I make with myself to regularly re-connect with my own deep inner security, no matter what the other is up to.

MONEY WAS … something I thought I needed so that I could have everything I want.
MONEY IS … something that just “breathes” in and out naturally, as a result of choosing to FEEL exactly how I want.

I love how that works, don’t you 🙂

CREDIBILITY WAS … something I thought I needed to earn, so I could be valued by others.
CREDIBILITY IS … something I declare privately I AM, so I can value myself first.

BEING ATTRACTIVE WAS … achieving an outward appearance that would make me feel happy.
BEING ATTRACTIVE IS … aligning with a happy inner radiance, that just makes me shine.

BEING A SUCCESS ONCE MEANT … proving to others how incredible I am.
BEING A SUCCESS REALLY MEANS … knowing so profoundly that “I am enough!”

BEING LOVED WAS … something I defined by how others were treating me.
BEING LOVED IS … something that just comes easily, when I treat myself well first.

MY MISSION WAS … to bring light to a dark world so I could prove my life had great value.
MY MISSION NOW IS … to thrive, to have fun, to find blessings, to feel joy!

“I’m not here to bring light to the world, I’m here to BE the light!”

MY JOB AS A PARENT WAS … warning my kids about problems they might face.
MY JOB AS A PARENT REALLY IS … encouraging them to listen to their own inner guidance, knowing they’ll find their own way much easier, if I get out of it.

CONNECTION WAS … something I needed to have with another so I could feel grounded and whole.
CONNECTION IS … a “feeling of oneness with everything” without needing to change anyone or anything else at all.

~ an excerpt from 500 Confessions Book 2

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