I Have A Relationship With God

Elizabeth Richardson relationship-with-GodNo matter what might be going on in the rest of my life … the personal relationship I have with God is SOLID, it’s consistent, it’s reliable and it’s always there for me to provide comfort, to gather insight, to soothe my aching heart and to draw great strength from as I move forward and make changes in so many different areas right now.

I feel so much more connected to my divine nature when I’m out having fun, when I’m indulging in a beauty treatment, when I’m taking time to appreciate the stunning scenery, when I’m thinking about the things I’ve done really well today, when I’m deliberately focusing on the positive aspects of the person who just annoyed me, when I’m looking at myself as the beautiful, loving, warm, open hearted, inspirational woman that God knows me to be.

I’ve Stopped Trying To Make Things “Right”

MY LIFE IS NO LONGER ABOUT … connecting with the right people, wearing the right clothes, writing articles that please others or trying to look like I belong.

TODAY MY LIFE IS ABOUT … making the most of things just as they are.

So I’m finding things to do with my time that make me feel really good, choosing things to adore about my-self that fill me with joy, noticing things to appreciate about my mate that can only bring us closer and truly valuing every bit of contrast that helps me expand and opens my heart to an even deeper faith in the basic goodness, that pervades my entire life experience – whenever I just let it BE.

 Faith isn’t about “hoping” things will go well!
Real faith is about “knowing” that God’s got things handled
and getting out of the way and letting it be shown to me. ~ ER

“Ask and it is given.”

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