Making The Most Of A Long Term Relationship

long-term-relationship-couple-holding-handsFor me, a relationship gets better as time goes by. I look at new lovers and adore the freshness of their relationship. But a long term relationship can be fresh and new with just a slight change of attitude too.

A facebook friend asked me to write this list as inspiration to think in a different way – I’m really glad she asked. I think it helped me the most.


  • the first time we told a stranger about the most exciting thing we did together,
  • the first time I stopped reminding him of his weakness and started talked about his strengths instead,
  • first book of his positive aspects that I filled to the brim,
  • first time I gave him what he’s been asking for unconditionally,
  • first time we decided to change the story we’d been telling,
  • first time we re-wrote our wedding vows to be the way we really wanted them,
  • first time I stopped expecting our relationship to be perfect,
  • first time we told the kids the naughty things we did,
  • first time we spent hours talking about the great memories we’d made,
  • first time we shared a new sexual fantasy,
  • the first time we stopped in the middle of harsh words and put a hand on each other’s heart instead,
  • the first time we pledged to be true to ourselves,
  • the first time we allowed the other to break a rule without any consequences,
  • the first time we decided to pretend that we were even more in love than ever.

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