The Easy Way To Get Out Of A Rut

Elizabeth-Richardson-silhouetteWHEN I’M STUCK IN A RUT … I just have to relax.

That’s not the best time to try and fix anything, that’s not the best time to make big decisions, that’s not the best time to have a meaningful conversation, that’s not the best time to do business, that’s not the best time to get in the car and drive and it certainly isn’t the best time to vent. 

The quality of my life seems to be determined more by how much I can chill out during the challenging times, stay as quiet as possible, affirm that it will pass soon enough, remember that it’s all worked out before, believe I’m being looked after and trust that better things are coming.

ENJOY THE CONTRAST … expansion is on the way. ~ ER

Don’t expect to stop something unpleasant in mid-flight. Attracting contrast doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Enjoying a happy moment doesn’t mean you’re good.  It’s just an “indication” of where your energy is currently at, that’s all! Just ride out the energy until it passes – and it will soon enough.

When I’m flying high, I always know what to do next. I feel clear. I feel sure. I feel a confident. I feel alive. I feel powerful. Wild horses couldn’t stop me from heading in the direction that feels really good in that moment, but until I’m there, I need a reminder of what works best for me.


  1. Stop what I’m doing.
  2. Breathe …………………………….. Breathe deeper ……………………………. Breathe deeper again.
  3. Change my body position, change what I’ve been thinking about, change my proximity to the problem too.
  4. That usually does it for me. Life was meant to be easy.

WHEN YOU FEEL SOME RESISTANCE LIFT … That’s the time to celebrate. That’s the time to say your affirmations. That’s the time to write. That’s the time to share your story. That’s the time to make love. That’s the time to DO whatever your bliss is calling you to do. The energy that flows freely during this time achieves a thousand times more than at any other. You know it well. ~ ER


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