The Excitement Of A New Relationship

happy-young-couple-in-love-with-life-and-each-otherI just love thinking about the man I adore and appreciating the incredible times we have together. I even enjoy feeling the deep anticipation when we’re apart.

Couples in a newly formed relationship tend to focus only of the good aspects of the other person. They tend to overlook the things that bother them because they know how good it is to “feel good”.

To keep this good feeling going, I write lists of things to stimulate my senses, to uplift my spirits and to relax more fully into who I know myself to be. This long list of relationship “firsts” really turns me on.


  • with the excitement of getting to know one another for the first time,
  • the thrill of first touch, first kiss,
  • first body tingling sensation,
  • first date,
  • first heart thumping feelings,
  • first time we proudly hold hands in public,
  • first time he finds out I’m not wearing underwear,
  • first time he can’t keep his eyes off me,
  • first time we say I love you,
  • first meeting with the family,
  • first time we go shopping,
  • first time we go jet skiing and I hold onto him for dear life,
  • first photo together,
  • first time we announce we’re a couple,
  • first candlelit dinner,
  • first picnic in the park,
  • first time I feel him melt into my heart,
  • first time I see him cry,
  • first time I know exactly what to do,
  • first Christmas,
  • first gift that’s so perfectly found,
  • first intimate moment,
  • first fondle of my breasts,
  • first time he enters my body,
  • first breakfast in bed,
  • first holiday on a deserted island,
  • first trip overseas,
  • first time we wake up together,
  • first time we walk on the beach,
  • first time he gives me a surprise,
  • first time he gives me another surprise,
  • first time he asks me to be exclusive with him,
  • first time I let him own my body and soul,
  • first time we make plans together,
  • first time we share a shower,
  • first time I cry in his arms,
  • first time I am a little wild and chaotic and it turns him on madly,
  • first time we lie naked on a bearskin rug in front of a roaring fire,
  • first time we dance,
  • first fight,
  • first make-up,
  • first time we realize we’ve gotten really close,
  • first time we laugh until our stomachs hurt,
  • first secret we share,
  • first time we tell our deepest fantasies,
  • first time he brings up the subject of marriage,
  • first home together,
  • first time we wrestle just for fun,
  • first time we do something naughty in public,
  • first time I do a slow and sensual striptease,
  • first time I make him wait until we are both bursting to meld with each other,
  • first time we do a new activity together,
  • first time we play a game,
  • first relationship strategy we share with others,
  • first time he slowly licks the melted chocolate off my fingers,
  • first time we say sorry,
  • first time we spend hours just appreciating the memories we’ve made, what we have right now and the endless moments of firsts we’ll enjoy for many more years into the future.

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