Transforming My Body – Losing Weight Easily

transformation-before-afterJust recently, facebook was prompting responses to the question “What are your most notable achievements?” My response was easy. I’m 10 kg’s lighter than I was this time last year – not because I worked at it, but because I changed my ATTITUDE about it. And once I decided what my new attitude would be, the rest was easy and liberating, and quick and fun and exciting and most of all – it was empowering.

Here’s how my attitude once shaped my body.

  • Whenever I decided I needed to “lose weight” – I ended up putting on more weight.
  • Whenever I got annoyed with my “lack of willpower” – I reached for comfort food to console myself.
  • Whenever I looked in the mirror “unhappy with what I saw” – I saw more imperfections, not just in my body but with my home, my relationship, my wardrobe, my life.
  • Whenever I had the thought “I’ll be happy if I just get thinner!” – I got more and more unhappy.

Can you see a pattern?

Here’s how I changed my attitude and got better/instant results.

  • If I caught myself thinking about losing weight – I decided to think about “what I enjoy doing” instead.
  • If I started to put myself down for being slack – I chose to “acknowledge the things I’m actually doing well” so much more.
  • If I looked in the mirror and began to criticize – I looked for something to “compliment myself on”, (I personally opted to treat my curvaceousness as sexy and made up a silly “I’m sexy and I know it” dance and turned it into something really funny).
  • If I thought about being happy sometime in the future – I declared “I’m gonna be happy right now!”

Within 3 days, my whole life started to shift. I started being drawn into taking actions that perpetuated health and vitality and fitness and outdoors and movement and aliveness and freedom. I did wp-content that I thoroughly enjoyed, and it was EASY, because of one thing and one thing only …

… I started going EASY on myself.

Discipline is only a short term deterrent. It has never been responsible for long term change – only encouragement and upliftment and love can possibly do that! – ER

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