Where True Prosperity Comes From

Today I’ve identified a number of significant areas that contribute to my sense of prosperity, wealth and freedom. They give me an indication what parts of my life are working and what aspects could use some fine tuning.

RELATIONAL AFFINITY – The richness of your relationships with other people, staff, family, business associates, financiers etc. These define your ease of access to physical resources, financial assistance, mental upliftment and emotional support.

EMOTIONAL INTEGRITY – The regular attunement to positive, life-giving emotions which are usually practised in daily rituals like meditation, exercise, dance, yoga, stillness, music, creative pursuits, journalling and any activity that connects you more fully to your Source Of Power, Infinite Intelligence and Aligned Inspiration.

MENTAL WEALTH – Your accumulation of knowledge, research, planning, skills, experience etc that can be utilized at any given moment and put into action.

PHYSICAL WELL-BEING – The fitness, health, respect and care of your body that largely determines mental acuity and how much you are able to actively do towards creating wealth for yourself and others now and into the future.

FINANCIAL RESOURCEFULNESS – Ready access to money and assets that generate an exchange of energy/goods/services/property etc.

VIBRATIONAL ABUNDANCE – The ability to allow the natural flow of goodwill from this benevolent universe. This can be measured by the underlying thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that contribute to how you feel, most often evident in your current physical manifestations, how much energy you have in each moment and your conversations about what’s “probable” for the future.

ATTITUDINAL RICHNESS – How do you feel about wealthy people, powerful individuals, governments, multinational companies, political leaders, well paid actors/sports stars, CEO’S etc? Do you assume they are ripping people off, abusing their own power, rorting the system, too rich to care about others? Do you rally against them, speak badly about them, eagerly pass on negative gossip and voice your opinion publicly? OR do you accept, support, celebrate them and understand that they are human beings doing the best they know how too?

INTENTIONAL FUTURE – Are you taking responsibility for your own health, happiness and prosperity now and into the future or are you relying on God, the Government or someone else to provide for you?

SPIRITUAL PROSPERITY – A balance of all of the above along with having a sense of meaning, clarity, divine connection, purpose, worthiness, value and mission in life. Without this feeling, people suicide on a daily basis … what use is money then?

While we are individually born into different life circumstances, WE ALL HAVE THE SAME OPPORTUNITIES to decide what’s important, to choose an enriching attitude, to believe we can prosper, to seek greater wisdom, to ask for better conditions, to notice improvement, to acknowledge the natural benevolence of this universe, to find more clarity, to choose an inspiring life purpose, to define a personal mission to connect more fully to our own inner guidance and to follow our dreams to fulfilment.

Oh yes. To see yourself or someone else as less fortunate, is to miss the true power of life granted to all of us, in each moment of every day. The freedom to choose again. ~ ER

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